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Dance Concepts is about enjoying the experience of learning to dance, the music and the interpretation of music through the dance.

At Dance Concepts the emphasis while learning the diverse forms of dances from around the world, is on body awareness ,lateral thinking along with dance history, culture, technique and improvisations along with overall well being.

We are all unique in our movements , so we must strive to find our own path to fulfillment , wherein lies our success. Success follows whenever we move with the strength of conviction and intention to learn to dance !

Take a step , start dancing today ! Make dancing a way of life, To find out more about learning to dance at Dance Concepts
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  At DANCE CONCEPTS initially we enroll as simple dance students but gradually it brings contentment peace and pleasure from with in.We grow as better individuals as we go along each dance session with new dance styles and become more confident .When I had enrolled I was going through severe depression and frustration but unknowingly I grew more confident and positive and ready to face the ups and downs of life with better understanding and awareness.

  Came with a thought of how difficult it would be to dance as I have never done it, but after coming here and learning from you had given me a confidence. Thank you so much for being so patience and positive in your approach. Thanks again

  Savvy gave us the confidence that even at our age we can be graceful dancers and feel comfortable in social dancing.. More than anything, she worked with us at our pace - giving me and wife a sense of our own abilities.